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Bjorn Viir

About Me

Bjorn Viir was born in Estonia where he spent half his youth. He emigrated to Canada in his early teens. He always exceeded in the arts like piano and drawing and won numerous prizes in both but decided to pursue neither in university, where he, instead, studied economics. He tried some office work but quickly became restless behind a desk and longed for more physical work and thre himself into trades including home renovations. After a decade or so he became restless again and realized his creative side wasn`t being challenged. He saw a piano in a client`s home and became immediately inspired to start teaching himself. Once he reached some proficiency at the piano he decided that the time was ripe to dig further into his artistic roots and decided to take up painting. He experimented with acrylics and pencil art for a few years and finally dove into oils and found his true calling. He was inspired by the likes of Warhol and Beksinski and decided to stick within the genres of pop art and horror art. Bjorn also has a fascination with the city of Venice and regularly includes it in his collection.

Bjorn also believes in giving back and enjoys teaching younger generations art and piano. He believes that its vital for today`s youth to tap into creative endeavours early in life as this will greatly aid them in their development.

In his free time Bjorn also enjoys chess, fitness, tennis, travel and cooking.